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New York Public Library are a UK rock 'n' roll band who have been in existence since 1966. Their brand of music encapsulates all that's good in harmony and song. Over the years they have had many personnel changes, but the intergrity of the band has remained unchanged. They hope to remain until the last man stands and the last note fades away. They are a very special crew. They just need a sober captain. We can't change our history, but we can change our story , because there are lots of stories in our history, as there is in everyones.

John Woollard
Sam                Pete              Topper          Karl             Bob       Lofty
Clark           Morrison           Clay            Rylander    Doughty  Reng    

Sam Clark plays a Tobacco-burst Gibson Les Paul  Standard,Ivory white Fender Stratocaster 57 Vintage Reissue, Epiphone Casino, through a Marshall all valve 60 watt combo and various pedals and things that squeak. When pushed he also plays a Takamine EF381C. Sam's dad  has an oak coloured shed on 18inch brick stilts, 2 normal brown sheds and Sam had a new mobile shedless house. He sold it. 

Pete Morrison has far too many guitars for his own good. He plays an Ashbury octave mandola, Sigma D28, Martin 00001, 1975 Gibson J160E Custom, Takemine TF360SBG, Takemine Cedar top, TAN 20 (not the 20C) and a  Takamine  EG523SC-12 string. He also has a couple of  Fender Strats,  a Tele and a Harmony Rocket. Pete made himself 2 strats, an "f" hole Tele and a copy of a 12 string Rickenbacker.  He drinks in The Bourne Royal British Legion.  Pete has a verdie conservatory that needs painting and a magnolia shed with Oxford Blue facia's and a matching door. It has a concrete floor. He's not sure what it's for. His hedge gets too high

Topper plays a Remo Black Kit and Zildian cymbals and various percussion bells Over the years he has had a variety of vans. So many, it's hard to keep tabs. Topper has 3 brown sheds and a swimming pool. His hedge also gets too high. He is now the proud owner of a Gretch kit

Lofty Reng plays an MSR pedal steel usually through a Peavey or a Fender Hotrod Deluxe combo and the occasional Stratocaster and Telecaster. He did in the past, play his self built pedal steel. which was a work of art. Lofty has a shed by the seaside now, where he works diligently on his art  of bird watching.

Bob Doughty plays a Fender Precision bass and an Oldfield fretless bass. Bob does not have shed, at least none that we know of, but he has bought a new amp. He lives quite a sheltered life and is only allowed out on Wednesdays.

Karl Rylander plays a rare Fylde Lysander acoustic guitar and a Chet Atkins Epiphone simulated acoustic guitar + Harmonica. Karl has 3 sheds, an aviary and a conservatory he sits in everyday. Or...is it the aviary he sits in?

Strings by Rotosound UK .
Acoustic strings, Country Golds and Jumbo Kings for 6 & 12
Electric strings, Roto Purples and Roto Pinks
Mandolin, Troubador
Nylon String Guitar, Superia
Bass, Swing Bass 66
Lofty strings his pedal steel with a mixture of GHS and Rotosound to make up 12 strings

(Rotosound strings are made in UK) probably in a large shed

Acoustic amps used are Marshall. Sam now plays through a hand built obscure amp that sounds like hell. He thinks it's a Wilson. Wilson's of Crossgates, Leeds, also make wonderful pork pies

Engine driver required to pull some crumpet. Any experience in steam would be of great advantage. Must be able to pull anything off the beaten track.
It appears we've run out of coal.
The engine is now back in the shed

NYPL have  a new long awaited album. That's That Then. A 17 track album. Two tracks have been added from earlier recordings produced by the late great Miles Seabrook and Peter wrote a few songs, one  for John, called Another Rain .  Artwork is finished. It is available on iTunes now is be available on CD, through our web site email. We are not geared up for paypal or that internet stuff. Cheques through the post only.
Topper and Pete have recorded four songs with "Hogpond" and are planning more

It seems likely now that NYPL have entered into a long rest period. Topper is playing sometimes with Elvis, Pete is recording a solo album, Karl is at home, Sam is going to live in Cornwall, Lofty is playing locally in the town of Christchurch and Bob has retired from show business.

Pics of Weyfest 2010
Click on names
The last NYPL line up taking a bow
Sadly now, no more bows
Well maybe not
We are sadly announcing the passing of our dear friends Mo Stokes. (Wife of Tez Stokes) and Kirk "The Riddler" Riddle, friend and musical colleague.  Mo passed away on the 24th October and Kirk on the 14 November 2017. Our sincere condolences go out to their families.